Many people have heard of a ‘betting exchange’ but not totally sure what one is. Let us debunk any myths which you may have heard in our expert Betfair review. Read on to discover about the Betfair Promo Code New Zealand 2024 and what makes Betfair Betting Exchange stand out from the crowd.

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If you say the words ‘vacuum cleaner’ to a Brit, they say Hoover. If you say the words ‘betting exchange’ to anyone, they all say Betfair.

This is most likely because Betfair changed the sports bookmaking industry when it pioneered the betting exchange. Suddenly, the customer felt empowered. They could play the role of bookie or punter or even both by doing a bit of trading.

Betfair revolutionised the industry and it continues to be the benchmark that all others are aspiring towards. However, with the Betfair, Paddy Power merger, we sense that this giant will continue to grow and keep getting stronger while also staying ahead of the pack.

Therefore, if you are thinking about signing up, but are not entirely sure what to expect, follow along with us as we explore what Betfair has to offer its customers in New Zealand.

Betfair Promo Code

What is it that you need to do in order to get started with Betfair Exchange? First, you need to register with Betfair Promo Code New Zealand 2024, if you haven’t already. Due to Australian regulations, bonus info can’t be displayed, but once you have signed up, you can make the most of Betfair Exchange’s great odds and wide range of betting markets.

Betfair New Zealand

First of all, let’s clear up a few facts about the Betfair New Zealand operation. Due to it coming under the Australasia region, Betfair is regulated by the Northern Territory Government of Australia.

This means that certain products and features are not available for these customers. For example, the Betfair Sportsbook cannot be accessed and there are also restrictions on in-play betting for certain events.

Yet, the good news is, the betting exchange is available. Also, being as this is a region-specific operation, there are some additional features such as the much-loved ‘Multis’.

Betfair Exchange

The beauty of the Betfair platform for New Zealanders, in comparison to a UK customer, is that the site is a lot less cluttered. This being due to the removal of the sportsbook and other products from its gambling suite.

On the homepage, the submenu (in black) offers quick access to in-play events, cash out, the most popular betting markets, the Hub and results.

Underneath, the main body of the page is divided into 3 columns. The left sidebar has links to favourite markets and an A-Z list of all the different sports, etc you can bet on. There are 33 different listings which include all the sports imaginable plus financial bets, politics and there’s also a special bets tab for markets like which city will host the 2024 Olympics. The range is quite extraordinary and it seems as though there is a market for absolutely everything and anything.

The centre column displays key markets which are of most interest to Australia and New Zealand customers such as Australian rules, rugby league, horse and greyhound racing and cricket.

The right sidebar is where you’ll find your bet slip and a few other top markets and a little promotional information just to keep you up to date with any offers and it will highlight if an offer requires a Betfair Promo Code.

What is the Hub?

If you are a new customer to Betfair, the Hub is the place you want to visit first. This is a full education suite related to every aspect of this platform. The ‘Getting Started’ section contains over 20 lessons ranging from how to withdraw winnings to what is backing and laying.

From there you move to the ‘Betting Better’ section which teaches you about betting strategies, Betsmart horse racing tips and betting principles. With those two sections out of the way, have a look at the ‘Going Pro’ which offers free trials on a host of different applications to assist you with your strategic betting.

What many people don’t seem to realise is that Betfair wants you to win – unlike a sportsbook operator. The company is simply providing a top-notch platform for bettors to lay and back against each other. Betfair makes its money from a small commission charge on winning bets. This is why it offers such a glut of educational material so you can improve your chances.

Betfair - the Hub

Betfair Starting Price

The clever people at Betfair have come up with a rather genius way for you to still be able to take a starting price – just like a traditional bookmaker offers. The only difference is, most of the time, the Betfair price is better. This is because Betfair does not have to factor in a profit margin, it earns from winning commissions.

Using the BSP (Betfair Starting Price) you can also set parameters to the prices you would like and if your bets cannot be matched, then the money is returned to your account.

In-Play Betting

Australia has some very strict regulations regarding in-play betting and as a result, you cannot bet in-play on a number of sports via the internet.

That said, there are still a few markets which it is allowed and for you lucky people in New Zealand, all thoroughbred horse racing meetings are now available for in-play betting. The sheer excitement of betting in-play, seeing the odds jump up and down is something you must try if you haven’t done so yet. It really is a blast!

Betfair Mobile

Asking if there if there is a Betfair android app Is like asking if the earth is round. This is one of, if not, the biggest online bookers in the world so the answer is a definite: Yes! And, come to mention it, there’s also one for Apple users too (available in the app store).

It comes packed with all the essentials functions such as easy depositing and withdrawing, backing and laying, bet tracking, market percentages and matched volumes, Betfair Promo Code info and the help and support is in there, too.

betfair exchange plus mobile app

Betfair Customer Support

It’s difficult to become a global powerhouse in this industry, which is a customer-based business, without providing the best help and support. Customers need have no concerns there because Betfair’s support is second to none.

We like the ‘request a demo’ feature which Betfair offers. Simply contact them and ask how a certain aspect of the exchange works and you will be assisted on a walk-through demo with a member of staff so you can ask questions as you go.

There’s also live chat, though sadly not 24 hours, email and phone all alongside a packed FAQ so you will soon find the answer you are looking for.

Betfair Promo Code New Zealand 2024: Summary

Betfair is the market leader when it comes to betting exchanges so we can only sing its praises.

However, being an exchange does depend on other users for market liquidity. If no one is betting on a certain match, it basically means you cannot either as the whole point is a matched bet needs one person to lay the result and another to back it.

This is probably the biggest frustration but it only happens in smaller, less mainstream markets. Generally, all the big events have plenty of cash floating around so getting a bet matched is easy.

While for new customers, using an exchange is a little different from the norm, you will soon learn to love it and probably won’t consider back to the odd punter-bookie routine. If you take some time and learn from the information provided by Betfair in the Hub, then you will soon start to see the wonderful benefits of what the Betfair betting exchange has to offer.

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